Golden State Journal

Cabrillo Landing in California
Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
In recent decades there rightly has been critical reexamination of the legacy of Columbus and the European explorers who followed
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Two Californias: Together We Rise (Succeed), Divided We Fall (Fail)
In many ways, the two Californias reflect larger-scale divisions that have become apparent across our nation in recent years. Regardless
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Finding California’s Geographic Center
  Where is the geographic center of this strangely-shaped state?  This geographic trivia has been debated for decades in California.
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New Technologies Help Us Understand Seismic Risks
Chapter 3 of Rediscovering the Golden State covers our modern geologic features, including a survey of the state’s major faults
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“Place is security, space is freedom.”
This quote from Tuan’s work “Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience,” is perhaps more relevant today than it was
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China Camp – Ethnic Communities
China Camp is a State Historic Park on San Pablo Bay just north of San Francisco.   The park  provides a
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