Articles and Presentations

Here you will find articles and presentations on California and related geographical topics by the author and other selected geographers. They are arranged alphabetically and by category. Feel free to use these as reference materials, seeds for discussion or in your lectures. 

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California Topics

PDF DocumentDrought to Flood in California 2016-2017
by William Selby

The transition from drought to flood during the winter of 2016-2017 will be difficult to match. That year of records in weather records started in the grips of a relentless record-setting drought that had plagued all but the very northern edge of the state for more than four years.

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Developing with Nature
A Tale of California’s Two Largest Metropolitan Regions
by William Selby

Natural forces and resources and physical landscapes once dictated where people settled and developed in the San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. More recently, modern technologies have allowed humans to impact and dominate landscapes previously less fit for habitation.  So, what forces dominate these landscapes today? 



General Geography

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